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I have always had a love of opulence and loving to pamper myself. 2020 was a year that hit us all harder than we could have ever imagined. Instead of allowing myself to fall in a slump, I got creative and from that bore Vivre La Vie Bourgeoisie. My gift to those who wish to live life opulently through the creation of my Attainable Luxury Accessory Brand.

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BOURGEOISIE Cup Maintenance

In December of 2021, my life stopped. An event so heartbreaking, so saddening, so earth shattering occurred; My universe, my earth, My Joy gone. On December 4, my grandmother Joya gained her wings. This was a pain that I have never felt and one that I can not describe. For those that knew her, everything about her was joyful, funny, sassy at times and godly. My grandmother could preach one minute and get road rage the next. She was my Bestfriend and life stopped. I planned to curate this entire collection with her and two of the soaps, she helped me develop. I couldn’t bring myself to do this without her but one day I prayed and prayed hoping for answers and instead, I heard her voice in my head telling me to clean the balls of as many people as I can. Lol, a little side joke. So through my pain and my sorrow I created the Joy Collection; a collection of luxury soaps and essential oil products. My grandmother always had some kind of opulent scent and you’ll find some of those in the Collection of products released on March 23, 2022. Help me by making this collection as much of an Icon as she told it would be. To: Nana, My heart aches without you being here to do this with me but I hope that I am making you proud. Love your Jack.